Patient – Neoplasm Bone Tumour


  • Bone tumours in the foot account for less than 2% of all bone tumours, and approximately 80% are benign. They can become painful if they cause enlargement of the bone or fractures.


How did I get this?

  • Previous breast, bladder, lung, kidney or colorectal cancer most frequently metastasize to the foot.
  • Most heel bone tumours are discovered on xray for other unrelated conditions.


What can I do about it?

  • Rest or non-weightbearing activity may help in preventing fractures.


What help can I get for this?

  • Your doctor will arrange scans and specialist treatment.
  • Your podiatrist may be able to assist with cam walker immobilisation.


When will it get better?

  • Benign tumours may require surgical excision and a period of recovery for bone strengthening.
  • Malignant tumours will need advice from an oncologist and orthopaedic specialist